Jenny Ibbotson

jenny-picJenny is presently a writer, speaker and explorer of the new/ancient  ideas of how we create our reality, both individual and collective.  New because so many people believe these are ‘new age’ ideas. And ancient because they are contained in the very old spiritual traditions of most peoples of the earth. She is the author of two books on this subject:  The Obedient Universe and How We Can Save the World:  the million minutes project.  Apart from exploring ides, she has travelled the world to ancient and sacred sites to touch the old stones, and feel the vibrations. Most recently a trip to the 12,000 year old temple site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey.

Jenny spent many years in the business world and was an executive director of Gray Security – a company employing 10,000 people.  She has served on various boards and committees, has written on a variety of topics, and has presented papers at many conferences.  Jenny’s experience from the corporate world includes governance and strategic human resources management.  She has an honours degree in social science and an M Phil in economic policy. She has been the chairperson of the South African Peace Alliance and a former trustee of the South African New Economics network.  Jenny lives in Cape Town, South Africa.