Million Minutes Project


I would like to see a world of joy, love and prosperity for all. That is my vision.

All over the world millions of people are working to save our world, to improve the lives of vulnerable people, to protect human rights and animal rights, to care for our natural environment and to promote justice for all.  They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things every day.  Many of them are our unsung heroes.

Despite this astonishing outpouring of good will I have begun to feel uneasy about how we are dealing with our most overwhelming global problems. As I read about and listen to reports about the issues that we face I realize there is a pervasive sense of despair and hopelessness. On the one hand there are the so many people and organizations doing so much and on the other there are reports that we have reached a planetary tipping point. On the contrary, I believe there IS hope. When we change our vision of reality. We can change the world.

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So the question is, what can we do about this? Because I believe that the hidden, or subconscious mind, is the creator of our entire reality, I also believe that, if we change our minds, we can change the world. So let’s change our minds. Let’s envisage a new world. Let’s dream a new dream – it is the only way. Instead of conforming to the current collective ideas about our world, let us use the power of our minds to peacefully create a new and different vision.

Be part of the Million Minutes Project by being one of millions of people who spend a few minutes every day with a new vision. Hold it – send it light – and believe we can change everything. That’s what we humans do all the time.

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My book will be out very soon. It gives 6 simple steps to start re-visioning our world