Obedient Universe


The Obedient Universe by Jenny Ibbotson

With a CD with three guided meditations


The Obedient Universe is a new book about how and why we create the realities we experience.

The book draws on both ancient spiritual wisdom and new quantum physics and seamlessly blends transformative ideas into a clear, concise text.  It will help you to

  • create consciously
  • be peaceful and powerful
  • feel connected to your source, and
  • evolve with joy.

The Obedient Universe emanates from Jenny Ibbotson’s lifelong quest to better understand the human experience.  The affirming universal view that she offers is a seamless blend of age-old spiritual ideas with the newer suppositions of quantum physics and her own unique warm wisdom.

It is a hopeful and a helpful book – an astute story about being human that can be used practically as the everyday backdrop for a more loving, more abundant, more fulfilling life.  Jenny’s prose is moving and poetic, yet she presents her transformative ideas with great clarity and simplicity, signifying an author who has a deep, wide and rich comprehension of her subject.  The result is that The Obedient Universe is a comfortable paradox – an easy, yet profound read.

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The Obedient Universe includes a recommended reading list, and a CD of beautiful, original meditations.

Testimonials for the book:

This book came into my life when I needed to look for the answers within.  It gave me comfort, inspired me, and made me realise that I have all the resources I need to create the life I want to lead

Mike Allen – Therapist, Coach, and Organisation Development Consultant.  Melbourne, Australia

My life and the way I see things has changed exponentially since I had the privilege of reading this amazing book.  Follow the recipe and you cannot fail to see the world quite differently.

Catherine Hudson – Marketing Director.  London, England 

“Awesome, inspiring and easy to read.  This book is written with love and gentleness for each one of us.  I will read it again and again.”

Cynthia Joseph – Sales and Marketing consultant.  Johannesburg, South Africa